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TinyToy™ Baby hand spinner animal design

TinyToy™ Baby hand spinner animal design

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When feeding the baby, stick Zhuan Zhuan Le on the dining table or wall, and then turn it to attract the baby's attention so that the baby eats obediently.
When the baby takes a bath, fix the rotating brick on a smooth wall or bathtub, pull it to rotate and interact with the baby, so that the baby can take a bath happily.
The rotating wind leaves and cute animal shapes can relieve the baby's uneasy mood, make the baby feel happy, and help the baby fall asleep quickly.
Commodity functions: teeth clenching, color recognition, number recognition, movement mastery ability, hand-eye coordination ability, alleviation of crying.
Kids perfect gift: Our spinning top toys are suitable for all kinds of places. You can suck them on glass, walls, floors, bathtubs, etc. It is a playmate for children, and can also be used as a decoration to decorate children's playgrounds.

Material: ABS
Color: Three pieces of suction cups turn to music, four pieces of suction cups turn to music, five pieces of suction cups turn to music, three sets of
Applicable age: infants (0-2 years old)
Size: 12*12CM

Package Content:
1*suction cup turn and turn music

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