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Electric MAXstream Water Gun_ Summer Toys

Electric MAXstream Water Gun_ Summer Toys

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🔫 Powerful Water Blasting

🔫 Easy Refill

🔫 30FT Rang

🔫 Electric Motorized Action

🔫 Quick-Filling Capability

🔫 Adjustable Shooting Distance

🔫 Versatile Outdoor 

Bid farewell to feeble water jets and embrace an exhilarating, high-speed barrage of water!

 ✅Thanks to its lightweight construction and user-friendly handle, the Glock Water Gun enables effortless carrying and prolonged usage.

✅ Just fill the water reservoir, activate the motor, and let the soaking begin!

✅ Rest assured, this formidable water weapon is designed to endure, standing up to the most intense water skirmishes.


Say goodbye to slow streams of water and hello to rapid-fire, continuous blasts of water. You'll have your opponents soaked in no time and be the ultimate champion of every water fight!

Why is Electric MAXstream Different from the Rest?
"I'm blown away by the Electric MAXstream Water Gun's shooting distance. I can hit my targets from afar, surprising my opponents every time. It's the ultimate water weapon!" - Emily H.
"The Electric MAXstream Water Gun is not only powerful but also safe for my kids. The durable construction and non-toxic materials give me peace of mind while they have a blast. It's a win-win!" - Mark D.
"The Electric MAXstream Water Gun is a game-changer! The motorized action and high-capacity reservoir make it a force to be reckoned with. It's my go-to weapon for epic water battles!" - Jason R.
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